Parent Teachers Association

The aims of the PTA are:

– To foster friendship amongst parents
– To encourage a healthy partnership between Parents and Teachers
– To support the work of Abbey Gate Prep School
– To raise funds for the benefit of the children
– To provide all parents with the opportunity to enjoy some involvement with the school that is shaping their child for the future.

Social and fundraising events are held throughout the year in which children, staff, parents and friends may participate. The PTA also acts as an informal channel of communication between parents and staff.

By creating exciting social links, developing extracurricular opportunities and fostering greater parental involvement in school life, Abbey Gate’s PTA play an essential role in shaping the character of our school.

All parents are members of the PTA while their child is in the school.

If you would like to find out more, make suggestions or get involved contact

Some of our regular events

School Sign

School Open Day
Bonfire Night party
Christmas Fair
Easter Egg Hunt
Children’s film & hot dog night
1950’s Social Evening
Summer Fair